Victor Marine offers a range of OWS ancillaries which are highly recommended to ensure longevity and less maintenance for the Oil Water Separators

Yearly Spares Kit

Victor Marine provides yearly spares kits from 1 to 5 years for both the VM and CS series separator.

Victor Marine Stock most spares with agents based worldwide.

Heater for First Stage Vessel

Victor Marine Stock most spares with agents based worldwide.

The separators are designed to work effectively close to 25°C. If the temperature is likely to drop below this temperature then we would recommend a heater to be installed.

50 Mesh inlet Strainer

A single basket filter providing a cost-effective method of protecting the oily water separator equipment. The filter is of cast construction and is supplied with one high quality 50 Mesh stainless steel cylindrical basket. It is to be used prior to the feed pump where the flow can be shut off for short periods to allow the removal of the basket for cleaning. Includes a quick release filter cover for easy maintenance and flanged at both ends for easy installation.

Dry Running Protection for Feed Pump

Victor Marine recommends dry running protection for all of its separators to ensure no damage to the feed pump if the bilge tank runs dry.

Pre-installed within the panel and pump, this is recommended to protect and prolong the life of the separator feed pump.