Victor Marine Gas Freeing Fan equipment, marketed under its original and renowned Victor Pyrate brand name, is well established within the marine equipment market, noted for its quality, efficiency and reliability.

Developing and manufacturing Gas Freeing Fans for over 45 years, Victor Marine has a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing portable ventilation for a wide range of larger vessels such as Panamax, Aframax, VLCC and Suezmax down to the smaller more sophisticated vessels such as product carriers, LPG, SR, Handysize and chemical tankers.

Gas freeing on-board vessels is carried out for various reasons including change of cargo, health and safety and cargo tank maintenance, all where gas freeing is essential to avoid explosion and danger to vessel and crew between cargo changes.

All fans are designed, assembled and tested in the United Kingdom.

Victor Marine’s Gas Freeing Fan range offers both water and air driven fans, using unique design features which are considered as industry standard and include the following design features:-

  • Designed and Class Approved for use in hazardous areas;
  • Available in High-Flow, Medium-Flow and Low-Flow throughput;
  • Integral “Direct In-Line” drive; no gearbox to maintain or fail;
  • Uni-directional airflow – Supply or Extract mode by simple reversal of water supply;
  • Can operate at low pressures;
  • Lightweight and compact for portability / one-man operation;
  • Marine grade materials;
  • Fully Class Approved for use in “Anti-Spark” Hazardous areas; (ATEX approved);
  • Can be supplied for horizontal mounting;
  • High air-flow throughput;
  • High static pressure;
  • Efficient motors;
  • Fail-safe bleed tube to indicate seal failure;
  • Uses standard lay-flat hose with a selection of couplings;
  • Deck connection flange to suit the standard 318mm diameter deck opening.

Victor Marine Gas Freeing fans are ATEX Approved, which means our complete range of fans are certified for intended use in potentially explosive and hazardous atmospheres and conditions.  All components including impellers, castings and motors are designed with compatible materials or with incorporated anti-spark tracks – in full accordance with European Directive 94/9/EC.

Gas Freeing Fan Ancillaries

Gas Freeing Fans Certification



Operating Pressure 6750 m³/hr (113 m³/min)


Operating Pressure 9000 m³/hr (150 m³/min)


Operating Pressure 7000 m³/hr (117 m³/min)


Operating Pressure 8700 m³/hr (145 m³/min)


Operating Pressure 10540 m³/hr (175 m³/min)


Operating Pressure 14,000 m³/hr (235 m³/min)


Operating Pressure 14350 m³/hr (239 m³/min)


Operating Pressure 14800 m³/hr (246 m³/min)


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